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To: John Roberts, Chief Justice US Supreme Court and Nancy Peolosi, Minority Leader US House of Representatives

Impeach John Roberts, Chief Justice US Supreme Court

Impeach John Roberts, Chief Justice US Supreme Court for allowing his Conservative leanings to direct an assault on the process of free elections and against the freedoms guaranteed in the US Constitution as demonstrated by:
1. Allowing large corporation money to buy and dominate national elections in the Citizen United case
2. When the corporations were unable to buy the elections, he allowed the disenfranchisement of voters by destroying the Voter's Rights Act of 1965
3. By developing a 5-4 polarized Court along political grounds and destroying American trust in the Supreme Court.
4. By stacking the secret surveillance court against protection of Americans privacy.

Why is this important?

Letting his Conservative political leanings affect his rulings.



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