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To: The Missouri State House, The Missouri State Senate, and Governor Mike Parson

Impeach Judge Kevin Crane!

Kevin Crane knowingly withheld exonerating evidence in the Ryan Ferguson case. And now he's a judge in Boone County, Missouri!

Why is this important?

Ex-Prosecutor Kevin Crane violated his oath by refusing to disclose to the defense (or the court) Barbara Trump's exonerating evidence during the Ryan Ferguson trial. Barbara Trump is the wife of Jerry Trump, whose testimony put Ryan and Charles Erickson behind bars for decades. Crane urged for a 40 year sentence for Ryan Ferguson, and a 25 year "deal" for Erickson.

This is an abject Brady violation. Crane also threatened witnesses who later felt guilty and recanted their manufactured stories. Remarkably, Crane has actually been "promoted" to Boone County, Missouri, Circuit Court Judge!

Lastly, Crane spearheaded the corrupt interrogation of Charles Erickson, "leading" him into a false confession. Crane does NOT belong in a black robe, and should be impeached!

While judges and prosecutors are immune from civil litigation (Rehberg v. Paulk), Crane should do some years in the Missouri Department of Corrections -- instead of a simple 10 day sentence in the county jail. Governor Nixon, Crane has no business being an officer of any court in America!


Reasons for signing

  • Seven years for the life of a young lady who had so much promise and potential is unacceptable! It’s apparent that this judge does not want to do his job and bring justice to victims in the state of Missouri so he should resign immediately.
  • Kevin Crane needs to resign!
  • Kevin crane is a corrupt coward and all of his cases that he’s ever tried needs to be relooked into!


2019-12-25 22:19:00 -0500

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