To: Roy Moore, Chief Justice Alabama Supreme Court

Impeach Roy Moore

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Remove Roy Moore for his inability to perform his duties with impartiality. His blatant religiosity and preferential treatment of Christianity through statements like "The First Amendment only applies to Christians" give enough evidence to doubt his judgement in any case put before him.

Why is this important?

Because the Separation of Church and State is fundamental to a free society. Roy Moore has shown his inability to be impartial. He has shown himself to be utterly biased and bigoted. He is standing in the court house door against marriage equality.
After the letter to the Governor and the Order to the Probate judges, I will be going to Montgomery to file a complaint, if able, to the Judicial Inquiry Commission.

I delivered this petition on 2-17-2015. Thank you to all the supporters, and MoveOn .org. Keep signing, the more the better. I will email all signers with information as it unfolds.