To: EPA, Department of Homeland Security, Paul Stamets, U.N., Greenpeace, Sierra Club, Defenders of Wildlife, President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Implement Paul Stamets' "Plan for Mycological Remediation of Fukushima" as an "Official Response"...

Dear Leaders:
Paul Stamets, renown mycologist & author, has developed an 8-step plan to utilize mycological remediation to diffuse & contain the nuclear fallout at Fukushima. We the People would like our national & world leaders to collaborate with Mr. Stamets in order to implement this plan as the "official international response" to containing this disaster.

Why is this important?

First off, the following 8 steps are suggested by Paul Stamets as a viable solution to diffusing, containing, & securing the radioactive elements of the disaster:

1. Evacuate the region around the reactors.

2. Establish a high-level, diversified remediation team including foresters, mycologists, nuclear and radiation experts, government officials, and citizens.

3. Establish a fenced off Nuclear Forest Recovery Zone.

4. Chip the wood debris from the destroyed buildings and trees and spread throughout areas suffering from high levels of radioactive contamination.

5. Mulch the landscape with the chipped wood debris to a minimum depth of 12-24 inches.

6. Plant native deciduous and conifer trees, along with hyper-accumulating mycorrhizal mushrooms, particularly Gomphidius glutinosus, Craterellus tubaeformis, and Laccaria amethystina (all native to pines). G. glutinosus has been reported to absorb – via the mycelium – and concentrate radioactive Cesium 137 more than 10,000-fold over ambient background levels. Many other mycorrhizal mushroom species also hyper-accumulate.

7. Wait until mushrooms form and then harvest them under Radioactive HAZMAT protocols.

8. Continuously remove the mushrooms, which have now concentrated the radioactivity, particularly Cesium 137, to an incinerator. Burning the mushroom will result in radioactive ash. This ash can be further refined and the resulting concentrates vitrified (placed into glass) or stored using other state-of-the-art storage technologies.

By sampling other mushroom-forming fungi for their selective ability to hyper-accumulate radioactivity, we can learn a great deal while helping the ecosystem recover. Not only will some mushroom species hyper-accumulate radioactive compounds, but research has also shown that some mycorrhizal fungi bind and sequester radioactive elements so they remain immobilized for extended periods of time. Surprisingly, we learned from the Chernobyl disaster that many species of melanin-producing fungi have their growth stimulated by radiation.

The knowledge gained through this collaborative process would not only benefit the areas affected by the current crisis, but would also help with preparedness and future remediation responses.



Reasons for signing

  • Seems like a great step towards analyzing the effects of fungi in the environment, as well as a chance to showcase the benefits of fungi and their properties, and could be a step in the ultimate legalization of psychedelics and hallucinogenic substances such as psilocybin, DMT, and Salvia
  • This is very important to sustain our planet Earth
  • It is an absolute disgrace that it has gone on so long.

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