To: Governor David Ige

Invest in Pu`uhonua; stop building more prisons

Pu`uhonua are: decentralized Wellness Centers where the traditional ho'opono'pono process of making right will be used to help heal individuals, families, and communities. Pu'uhonua centers are for the good of all Hawai'i's people and can provide real hope in saving money, reducing recidivism, crime prevention, and long-term positive change.

Why is this important?

Since 2000 we have been looking for an alternative to prison. Prisons are based on punishment; what is needed today is healing. Pu`uhonua is a Hawaiian alternative for prison. Instead of wasting taxpayers' money down the black hole of building more prisons, invest in Pu`uhonua


Reasons for signing

  • Prisons have become places of institutionalization. The traditional process of ho'opono'pono is a better way to help heal individuals, families, and communities.
  • Puuhonua YES Prisons NO
  • Makes sense!

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