To: Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, All Supervisors, President Donald Trump, Governor Gavin Newsom, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Investigate all State Courts for Financial Conflicts of Interest

We the people are requesting an investigation by the USDOJ to be conducted against all State Courts for financial conflicts of interest and intrinsic fraud..

Based upon the Pope's "Decree" regarding "Human Right's Violations" we the people are asking for automatic reversals on all cases that were tainted by such conflict's, particularly those that didn't involve crimes against person's, according to the "Original 13th Amendment..

Why is this important?

Too many people have been victimized by the court's, too many have been denied "Due Process" and the Pope's "Decree" has opened the door; thus, eliminating immunity and status of Limitations..
It is now time for the people to be restored, too many years have gone by; whereby, Human Rights Violations, were being bestowed upon the people..


Reasons for signing

  • Investigate him.
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