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Investigate Chase Bank & J.P. Morgan Chase for predatory, illegal and unethical banking practices...

Investigate Chase Bank & J.P. Morgan Chase for illegal overdraft charges and unethical banking practices against it's account holders.

Why is this important?

Investigate Chase Bank & J.P. Morgan Chase for predatory, illegal and unethical banking practices against it's account holders. Have you been subject too what appears to be a protracted, consistent and calculated manipulation of your account by Chase for it's own gain and profit through calculated manipulation of "pending" charges and fraudulent overdraft fees, and by a systematic processing of debit card transactions not in the order in which customers conducted them but instead from the highest-to-lowest transaction balances; the change allegedly caused customers to drain their accounts quickly and maximized the overdraft fees assessed against them. Goldman Sachs isn’t the only rotten apple on Wall Street. They weren’t alone in defrauding investors and America. JP Morgan Chase, along with other major U.S. banks, have made billions in ‘deceptive fees’ in the form of real-time mobile alerts, ‘selective transaction’ postings and other tactics. For example, Chase’s real-time mobile alerts — until recently — weren’t exactly real-time. Overdraft alerts in the past were always sent the following business day. This feature wasn’t designed with the account holder in mind — only the bank. Another deceptive tactic employed by Chase and other U.S. banks is selective transaction posting. The banks essentially cherry-picked transactions to levy overdraft fees, choosing to post larger purchases first over smaller ones. How’s that for siphoning your money? Of course, Wall Street and the banks will all deny any wrongdoing, but the facts clearly show otherwise. After trillions in taxpayer bailouts, and billions in deceptive fees, it’s time for U.S. banks to have their day in court, too.


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  • They are crooks and they charge you those late fees like years on a sentence!
  • I have been sued by Omega Credit Inc for Chase Bank and been garshed for 3 years or more for a balance that keeps going up although it was charged off my credit years ago Im still being harrassed and bothered by a bill that I don't know how it got this much I only owe 1000 and now it 4,035.39 Please help me the attorney is. Heneley Lotterhos abd Henkey Pllc 1910 Lakeland dr. Jackson ms 39205 phone is 601 948 5131 Please look into tnis because there are others as well.
  • Chase had direct deposit payments switched to a closed account without my knowledge to pay off a debt.