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Investigate Facebook: Profiting off voter suppression

Investigate Facebook: Profiting off voter suppression

Donald Trump's re-election campaign is buying hundreds of ads on Facebook that spread dangerous disinformation about voting. But Facebook refuses to take these demonstrably false ads down -- and the company continues to generate revenue from them. This is outrageous -- Facebook has no right to profit off attacks on our democracy that could disenfranchise voters. That’s why we’re calling on key oversight bodies to investigate Facebook’s profiteering from political ads with disinformation about voting and take appropriate action.

Why is this important?

Facebook has repeatedly refused to hold Donald Trump to any sort of standard on its platform. And as a result -- the company has given him a green light to sow discord with advertisements that contain deceptive, false, or misleading information.

Trump is once again taking advantage of Facebook’s leniency. This time, he’s spreading harmful disinformation about voting. Trump’s re-election campaign has purchased over 500 Facebook ads that spread disproven claims about voter fraud.

Facebook exempts politicians' ads, including Trump's, from any fact-checking. Even though Facebook claims it bans political ads that discourage people from voting, the platform has done nothing to stop the Trump campaign from publishing its harmful ads. Facebook profits off of these deliberately misleading ads, and we need to leverage the federal government to change their business model and protect our democracy.

We must demand real accountability. Add your name to urge key oversight bodies to investigate Facebook -- and stop the company from profiting off of vote-suppressing ads.



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