To: The California State House, The California State Senate, Governor Gavin Newsom, The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate, and President Donald Trump

Investigate "Project Alamo"

According to multiple media "exclusives," millions of dollars poured into San Antonio, Texas, firm Giles-Parscale, which employed about 100 digital strategists to microtarget Facebook users with "messaging" to turn them toward their employer, Kushner-Trump, and away from the qualified candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Utilizing data from Cambridge Analytica, a London-based company with Russian ties and a history of enabling cyberwarfare on voter minds, Giles-Parscale has been praised for winning the election.

We request Facebook and Project Alamo release the "Dark" Ads they microtargeted to specific groups of Americans in what their own project leaders called a cyber "suppression" campaign.

Why is this important?

Each morning I wake up at 4 am to the latest corporate controlled headline$ on Scamalot, as #BIGNEW$ attempts to keep profiting off the demise of humanity and dignity by focusing on rating$ over truth.

It's time to end the unfunny farce by forcing a Big Reveal on the "spammy" "messaging" sent by "Project Alamo" to the minds of microtargeted Americans, who didn't stand a chance of being able to sort through the real fake lie$ being pushed their way by $camalot's filthy lucre. (Part of a thinly veiled collu$ion of network$ to reboot the "greed is good" '80$.)

"Project Alamo" is the gung-ho name given by its operator$, who were so arrogant and/or naive, they gave multiple collaborator interviews about their cybermindgames leaving just enough clues for investigative producers not currently shackled by corporations to see what they were really doing: disseminating propaganda through the cyberwarfare of fake news, paid trolls, bots and fake talking heads, just like it's done in Russia.

These digihack$ were praised in media... from Forbes to Businessweek.... lauded for winning the election. They were praised in Texas newspapers for creating jobs, when in fact they were being paid handily to corrupt American minds with a Russian-military style manipulation of truth and disinformation campaign.

In multiple billionaire-owned media reports, "Project Alamo" digi-groupie$ specifically explained the strategy: both named and unnamed sources said they "microtargeted" ethnic Americans, women and millennial voters with "dark" Facebook "spammy" ads that only the microtargeted users could see.

In these same reports, Facebook indicated it won't release these ad$. One is described as a "South Park"-style cartoon microtargeted to African American Facebook users in Florida of Hillary Rodham Clinton, mi$branding her as a racist on a quote from 20 years ago (just a year after the #GOPModerne cottage-indu$try of ba$hing Senator/Secretary of State Clinton was born by a Nixon speechwriter in the New York Times).

If ad$ such as those created by the marketeer$ of "Project Alamo" are merely garden variety political mudslinging, then why not release them?

Let's force these clandestine operators out of their bunker$ and into the interrogation light, because it's time for citizens to see how their minds were twisted away from the truth by a gaslighting regime that only knows one racket: money.

Cyber Mind Crimes are War Crimes, we've just never experienced Big Data enabling corruption of this magnitude. It's the first time a cyber misinformation war was waged on American soil, affecting the outcome of a presidency, which many Americans feel is not a legitimate presidency but part of a much larger con.

(thank you to the bravehearts who sign this petition, truth seekers all)