To: The United States House of Representatives and The United States Senate

Investigate the FBI's use of Informants to Manufacture Terror Plots

The FBI's surveillance policies have chilling implications for the free voice of the American people. We're demanding that Congress create accountability and transparency for the FBI, reform biased policies, and investigate sentencing and prison conditions.

Why is this important?

A new documentary, (T)ERROR, raises critical concerns about the FBI's informant program. Congress needs to immediately review the FBI's policies and procedures.

As an independent filmmaker and an activist fighting for justice for all people, we are appalled by the FBI's use of paid informants to entrap Muslims in imaginary terrorist plots where all the means, motives, and materials are provided by the government.

These tactics create the illusion of safety rather than true security. And they have chilling impacts on our communities—pushing Muslims to shed their religious identity and shy away from civic engagement, and disrupting trust and relationships in social networks.

The government is expanding use of these tactics to target and monitor environmentalists, anti-war activists, and the Black Lives Matter movement. This surveillance has terrifying implications, and endangers one of America's most valuable national resources--the free voice of the people.

We're calling on Congress to do the following:
- Create Accountability and Transparency
- Review Sentencing and Prison Conditions
- Reform Biased Policies

At a time when anti-Muslim violence has tripled, we must investigate the ways in which our policies have contributed to this environment, and how they continue to endanger the lives of millions of Muslims in America. These steps are necessary, and are needed now.


Reasons for signing

  • I personally was affected buy some overzealous FBI agents wishing to further their political careers buy entrapping innocent people and Manufacturing cases of terrorism if something needs to be done.
  • Ziyad Yaghi and Omar Hassan are two young men who were convicted of helping to plot a terror attack when NO EVIDENCE of that was presented in court! They refused to be informants so the FBI agents made good on their promise to prosecute them for something they never did! It's called "preemptive prosecution"" and is completely unconstitutional. The prosecution's own star witness, Daniel Boyd, testified under oath that Ziyad had NEVER been a part of his ring! Boyd testified as part of a plea de...
  • My son is losing his life forever because of the FBI created terrorist plots. My son was a red blood American that had his kids taken by the state for him going to the police for help from domestic violence by his ex-wife. The FBI waited for 2days after the state took his daughter to initiate a mentally ill man that was lost looking for acceptance and peace even if that cost his own life. But when reality of what they asked of him he directly informed them that he couldn't go through with it....

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