To: The Iowa State House and The Iowa State Senate

Iowa: Take a Stand Against Corruption of Our Democracy

As a citizen of Iowa, I call on my local government and the state legislature to (1) support disclosure of all election spending and to (2) pass a resolution calling for a U.S. constitutional amendment overturning 'Citizens United' and related cases. The amendment should restore the right to limit spending in elections at all levels of government from all sources.

Why is this important?

The U.S. Supreme Court’s 2010 ruling in 'Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission' struck down some laws restricting corporate and union spending in elections. The ruling enabled an explosion of election spending, often from secret sources. Americans of all political stripes were outraged.

Iowa saw more than $13.5 million in new super PAC election spending in the 2012 Republican presidential primary alone — most of it spent on negative ads. Such influxes of election cash stand to have the greatest effect on state and local elections, where huge spending increases can dwarf local resources. With our democracy in crisis, the time to act is now.

Americans across the political spectrum are concerned about the impact of 'Citizens United' on our democracy and our way of life. Together, we have an opportunity to reach out — across the aisle or across town — to undo the ruling with a constitutional amendment.

It’s time for Iowa’s city and county governments to join some 500 municipalities nationwide that have called for a constitutional amendment to limit outside spending and keep local elections local.
And it’s time for the General Assembly to make Iowa the 17th state to call for a constitutional amendment to overturn 'Citizens United' and related cases.