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To: IRS Oversight Board

IRS Oversight Board: Bust the American Bar Association

The American Bar Association's income tax exemption is based upon the assertion that the organization equally protects its members and the public, and is therefore fraudulent. Decades of exonerations have proven that the Bar consistently protects prosecutors and supervisors ahead of the public, making feeble farces of their U.S. Supreme Court assigned responsibility to address misconduct in trade for civil immunity.

Why is this important?

With generous Bar and Justice Department grant receipts in hand - and with the mainstream media's continual cooperation - innocence organizations are steering the conviction corruption conversation away from accountability for serial prosecutorial and supervisory misconduct.

Disbarment isn't a punishment: It's not even a career change; it's a career shift. And disbarment for egregious and deadly misconduct happens so infrequently as to be nothing more than an attorney insider joke.

The IRS Oversight Board has one mandate, to ensure that taxes are collected fairly.

Taxing the families of tens of thousands of incarcerated innocents while justice remains unavailable to all but the couple dozen of men and women that innocence organizations deign to "serve" in any given year is anything but fair.

Taxing the Bar until they're willing to protect the public as they officially claim to (and as they're legally obliged to) is more than fair, it's the only ethical option available to the IRS Oversight Board.

My first written request that the IRS Oversight Board exercise that ethical option was in January of 2011. It has yet to be answered.



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