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To: Francois LEGAULT, Premier Ministre du Quebec

It is time to close down the L’Office québécois de la langue française.

The whole pretext for the creation of the L’Office québécois de la langue française is/was a fallacy. The French language in Canada, nevermind Quebec is not in danger. If the French language thrives in Sudbury, Cornwall, Ottawa, Hawkesbury, St. Boniface, MB, Cheticamp, NS,, throughout New Brunswick and many areas of Canada, it is not in danger in Quebec, the province with the greatest majority of French speakers.

Why is this important?

Since language legislation was first introduced to Quebec, there has been a mass exodus of "our best and brightest". Capital has fled and Quebec is perennially in the doldrums economically. Montreal is a shadow of what it once was while Toronto has flourished, to a very large degree due to the overcompensation of the nationalists in Quebec and those that appease them.
I encourage everyone to sign the petition and spread it via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. as too many have been sitting for far too long on their hands and complaining to each other.


Reasons for signing

  • The OQLF is one of the most ludicrous, autocratic government offices in existence! It’s a waste of taxpayers’ money and an insult to the anglophones! I’ve been in the U.S. for 15 years but am planning on returning to Montreal, since my husband passed away last year. I am not looking forward to once again experiencing all of the problems I’d left behind. I just hope that many others will sign this petition to eradicate the OQLF.
  • This office does the opposite of what it was intended for and only breeds hate and animosity for the French culture and language, both of which could be wonderful and admired if only it was more inviting.
  • I was born in Quebec but my family wanted to ensure i had opportunities outside of Quebec, so only raised me in English. I currently live in Quebec, and speak English. I have great trouble accessing services i have every legal right to access because of the OFLQ. As a tax paying voter, why must i accept being treated as a second class citizen? Bilingual signs are helpful to all, stop the descrimination!


2020-02-24 09:54:59 -0500

Premier LEGAULT hates us. Let’s give him LOTS of reasons!

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