To: Demoratic presdiental canadiate Joe Biden

It's time for the first African American woman VP

Choose a African American woman as your Vice President running mate.

Why is this important?

Our country is in a state of disarray and disfunction. We have the wedge of racism again splitting our republic and the wounds from centuries of injustice and inequality for people of African. We desperately need a woman from the community to help bring closure on what continues to hinder this country from moving on as a united people of America. The racial divide when it comes to education, health care, police violence, justice system, employment, quality of life and so much more needs a true champion. Having a Black woman at the helm, who can make it her responsibility to right the wrongs of America and give people of colour a true advocate in the White house. Also fitting is the UN declared decade of people of Africa Decent. Having the first Black Vice President in the same decade as the first Black President will prove to the world that America truly is a beacon of hope and a land of opportunity. It is historical fact that the Democrats were the one who supported the institution of slavery and after all of that, the Black community has continued to support you and it is time to thank us for our unrelenting loyalty to the party. We also believe that the youth of this generation are waiting for something to back and believe in again. Having a Black woman on the ballot is the change that millions of potential voters have been waiting on. The energy will be there to work tirelessly towards claiming the greatest political victory of our lifetime not because of who wins but because who loses.

How it will be delivered