To: The Arizona State House and The Arizona State Senate

It’s Time for AZ Lawmakers to Stop Supporting ALEC’s Extreme Agenda

We call on all members of the Arizona legislature to cut ties immediately with the corporate front group American Legislative Exchange Council. Instead of acting as a rubber stamp for extreme legislation that was written to help Arizona lawmakers’ deep-pocketed national donors, legislators should be working to help Arizonans who want them to create jobs and improve education.

Why is this important?

As a teacher in the Mesa Public School system, I know that you can only best serve the kids in your classroom by listening to them. The same principle should apply with Arizona’s legislators. They were elected to serve the people of Arizona and should be listening to us.

But, lately, it seems legislators are only giving an ear to deep-pocketed, outside extremist corporate donors who are working through the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) to get their agenda passed.

Recently, I participated in a press conference to speak out on ALEC’s extreme agenda. I spoke out because I am concerned with the way outside corporate power, through organizations such as ALEC, is taking over our democracy. Instead of measures to create good jobs and improve education for our children, our lawmakers are pushing radical policies from ALEC such as Arizona’s infamous immigration law, private school vouchers, “Shoot First” bills, voter suppression laws, and anti-worker measures.

And while some companies, including Pepsi, Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Wendy’s, KRAFT, Intuit and Arizona Public Service, the largest energy company in Arizona, have withdrawn from ALEC, some legislators in Arizona continue to blindly support ALEC's extremist legislation.

Well, it’s time for lawmakers to start listening to Arizonans, not secretive, corporate front groups like ALEC. Please sign my petition to tell Arizona lawmakers to cut ties immediately with ALEC and focus on improving education and helping Arizonans get back to work.