To: Ivanka Trump


Ivanka Trump, tell your father to reunite refugee children with their parents and end the policy of separating refugee children from their parents.

Why is this important?

Like so many other people, I am horrified by the administration's policy of separating refugee children from their parents at the border. Senator Jeff Merkley recently visited a detention center where these children are warehoused and exposed the horrific conditions in which they are held. These children are housed in large cages with other children of all ages crying and mourning the forced separation from their parents.

Ivanka Trump is in a unique position as the daughter of the President and a member of his administration. She has a very close relationship with her father and may be the only person who could convince him to change his position on this unconscionable policy. She is a self-identified feminist and mother. This is an attempt to appeal to her humanity and heart. If she spoke to her father, he just might change his mind. To see an example of a letter I sent to Ivanka, click here - Please tweet Ivanka @IvankaTrump with the hashtag #IvankaReuniteRefugeeChildren along with your own message, a picture of you with your children, or another image that could awaken her compassion. This is about appealing to her heart, not shaming or attacking her. Shaming and attacking her will not create the change we want.

Many of us have much deeper criticisms of the policies of the Trump administration and are in the streets challenging them. The goal of this petition is much more narrow. This particular outrage is one that violates all universal norms of humanity. Thus, we are attempting to reach the hearts of as many people as possible, including those who might disagree with us on other issues. So please share this not only with those who already oppose Trump or this policy, but also with members of your family, colleagues, co-workers, and others who normally would not publicly oppose Trump but who might be moved on this particular issue to sign this petition.

Cat Zavis, Executive Director, Network of Spiritual Progressives seeking a new bottom line of love, compassion, generosity and social, economic, and environmental justice.


Reasons for signing

  • Let your heart see the tragedy unfolding at the border. Let your heart speak truth to power.
  • the damage this is doing to these children borders on criminal. As a mother please help stop this inhuman policy.
  • Do the right thing, as you claim to desire

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