To: Adam Silver

James Dolan Must sell the Knicks to someone who knows what their doing about a basketball organiz...

James Dolan is the worst owner in NBA history he does not care about winning, just about selling tickets. Please get James Dolan to sell the Knicks to someone who knows what their doing!

Why is this important?

All Knicks fans have been effected by this. They way this team has been playing is an embarrassment and It All starts with James Dolan. He is the WORST OWNER in NBA HISTROY and does not care about Winning Championships and only about selling tickets. We need a New Owner a new General Manger and a new coach. How someone does not trade A leaving Carmelo Anthony is beyond delusional. So Please Adam Silver we urge you to FORCE James Dolan to sell the Knicks to Knicks so we can start from scratch and begin the rebuilding process. We are Die hard Knicks fans and only want what is best for our team. Hopefully you see this and WILL MAKE THIS HAPPEN!


Reasons for signing

  • I think the coaching is good, we just need to get rid of James Dolan. Fizz is doing all he can with what little he has. Give him a real squad and we can go far.
  • Please sell team. This owner is an embarressment to the Knicks franchise and the NBA.

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