To: Janet Napolitano, Incoming President, University of California system

Janet Napolitano: endorse real student loan reform

Speak out publicly against a bad House/Senate deal that could see education loan rates rise into double digits and overall rates tied to "market rates."

Why is this important?

On July 24th, the Democratic-led Senate voted for a bad deal that would send student loan interest rates into the stratosphere. Under this deal, student loan interest rates would climb as high as 8.25% for undergrads, while graduate students could pay rates as high as 9.5% and parents taking out PLUS loans could pay up to 10.5%. Worse still, Democrats may cave to Republican House-passed legislation that ties loans to "market rates." With California leading the nation in tuition increases (a 300% rise in costs over the last decade), our incoming new University of California President must fight to get a better deal for California's students.

Tell Napolitano to speak out for progressive student loan reform that keeps college affordable and to urge her former boss, the President, to veto any bill that doesn't meet these guidelines.