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Jared Kushner's national security clearance must be revoked immediately!

Trump demanded that Jared Kushner, his son-in-law, get top-secret security clearance even after many top advisors and intelligence officials argued against it.

Why is this important?

Reporting by The New York Times this month has revealed further details about the circumstances in which Jared Kushner was provided Top-Secret security clearance despite major flags from intelligence officials. Trump demanded that Jared get security clearance, even though there is no clear reason as to why his son-in-law needed it.

We already knew that Jared Kushner failed to disclose a meeting in which he attempted to set up a secret communications channel with Russia and did not disclose his many financial conflicts of interest.

Jared Kushner has extensive business ties with many foreign governments and contacts, including Israel, United Arab Emirates, and Russia. For this reason, the CIA and FBI flagged and held up his security clearance. His father-in-law, Trump, however, demanded that it be provided, regardless of these flags. As such, John Kelly and Don McGahn wrote out memos stating that they were forced to provide such clearance to the president's son-in-law, making it clear that they did not ultimately agree with Trump's decision.

Kushner has a clear conflict of interest and should not be given access to top-security information, simply because his father-in-law is the president. His security clearance should be removed immediately.


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  • For 11/2 have signed petition, after petition Demanding the Removal of this Conviving, Fraudulent, PERPETUALLY Lying Corrupt Son in Law from Attaining Security Clearance! Washington D.C. Security Clearance, that federal investigators have Repeatedly Denied him, bypassed by the Gray- matter deficient Putin Hanger On, and Wanna Be! Jared Cushnet, along with the Gadless/HATE Personified, Steve Miller, Molester of Desperate MOTHERS, HAVING CAGES, kidnapped CHILDREN KIDNAPPED, held IN CAGES/...
  • Take his clearance and dimb Trump!
  • Revoke his security clearance NOW! He wanted / wants a back channel to Russia! He is best buddies with Kashoggi's killer and loves 666!! He is not trustworthy!!!!

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