To: The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate, and President Donald Trump

Jimmy Carter Jamboree 2017

Happy Birthday Jimmy! A grassroots celebration for a true leader!

Why is this important?

Positive, good energy builds! Celebrate a living president who has stood for peace, honesty, integrity, respect for everyone and Planet Earth. Be a rebel and create an event to honor Jimmy Carter October 1- October 8!

Grassroots organizing "for the the people, by the people and with the people" - show our government and the world the value "we, the people" place on leaders in our country who represent respect, peace and kindness. Jimmy Carter has lived his life with these values:

Father of the Solar Age - 1976
17,000 Wind Turbines in California - 1979
Nobel Peace Prize 2002
United Nations’ Human Rights Prize 1998
Presidential Medal of Freedom 1999
Camp David Accord Agreement
Habitat for Humanity
Served in the Navy
Gave speeches in Spanish and respected ALL people.
A Farmer!!

Promised to NEVER lie to the American People - and didn’t!

“The last president of the 60s Era,” according to historians

Start dancing, start celebrating - Happy Birthday, Jimmy! Do it for Jimmy!

October 1 - Jimmy's Birthday
October 3 - World Habitat Day

What kind of an event/party will you create?