To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate


Stop the treasonous war on the middle and lower classes and right the country NOW. It's what you were elected for, it's what you are paid quite well for and it's the moral thing to do.....

Why is this important?

One does not have to be an economic genius to know job creation will cure the country's ills. Not just 2.2 million, but 30 million, fair living wage jobs for all. The more money we as the working class have, the more we will spend... Prosperity for all, not just a select few. Fund it by Income Tax, everyone at the bottom pays it every week.....

This is a challenge to Congress to stop their treasonous war against the middle and lower classes. If Pro is the opposite of Con, is Progress the opposite of Congress?
This is a challenge to Congress to perform their duties.