To: President Donald Trump


We must restore full employment as soon as possible, and so end the despairing insecurity for millions, which means we need to have millions of jobs now, not ideological slogans.

It is the obligation of the federal government itself to create and fund the jobs needed for full employment and the essential repair and retrofitting of infrastructure, at least until the private sector is willing and able to resume that economic role.

Why is this important?

America's huge deficits are not only financial; we have enormous backlogs of unattended infrastructure that hold back modern transportation, energy production, water and power distribution, and a host of other work that is essential for American businesses and workers to succeed in world competition;

Ever since the Bush/Cheney economic policy - borrow and spend, radically reduce essential revenues even during their trillion-dollar unprovoked military aggression - produced the worst economic recession since the Great Depression, the private sector has fallen far behind the demand for living-wage jobs;

Millions of people need and want jobs, but are out of work now and many have been out of work for years even as recent graduates are entering the job market and finding little prospect for hope;