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To: Joe Biden

@JoeBiden: Tap @ChrisMurphyCT at State to End Yemen War, Restore Iran Deal

Please ask Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy to serve as your Secretary of State to end the Saudi war in Yemen and restore President Obama's Iran agreement.

Why is this important?

Of all the candidates reportedly being considered by Joe Biden to serve as his Secretary of State, Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy is far and away the most progressive. Unlike Delaware Senator Chris Coons - reportedly also being considered - Chris Murphy has been a champion in the Senate of ending and preventing war. Chris Murphy led efforts to end the Saudi war in Yemen while Chris Coons voted to continue backing the Saudi regime. Chris Murphy consistently supported President Obama's agreement with Iran while Chris Coons worked with AIPAC Republicans to undermine President Obama's most important foreign policy accomplishment for peace. Chris Murphy led other Democratic Senators to oppose the use of U.S. tax dollars for Israeli annexation of the West Bank. Having Chris Murphy serve as our nation's top diplomat if Joe Biden is elected POTUS is our best guarantee of ending the Saudi war in Yemen and restoring President Obama's Iran deal.




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