To: The New York State House, The New York State Senate, and Governor Andrew Cuomo

Join the Fight to keep Mental Health Services in the Southern Tier

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Stop the proposed closure of Greater Binghamton Health Center (GBHC)'s child/adolescent and adult inpatient mental health units. GBHC has provided services to Broome County individuals and families for the past 200+ years and ranks highly in the state for child and adolescent treatment services.

Why is this important?

The NYS Office of Mental Health has proposed the closure of Greater Binghamton Health Center's Child & Adolescent and Adult inpatient units in an effort to create "Regional Center of Excellence". We are seeking NYS Southern Tier residents to join us to voice concerns about the potential closure and help us save this Facility and these invaluable services. This petition is not a petition to "just maintain the status quo", it is a petition to keep vital services in the Southern Tier. It is also meant to act as a catalyst for positive change in order to maintain these vital mental health services for our region, raise community awareness regarding proposed closures and what it means for rural mental healthcare, and preserve jobs for those providing these essential services. Help us spread the word!!