To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate


Lance Gloor is in FEDERAL Court Case Creating HISTORY and More. WE MUST STAND UP For WHAT IS RIGHT. FREEING LANCE GLOOR. HE is Facing 35 To Life the Most Historic Case and the telling of the activities that occurred IN The FEDERAL COURT room is something NO BUDDY old enough, should miss. Jeaniegh420

Why is this important?

to bring GLOBAL, NATIONAL Attention to this FEDERAL Case and the IMPORTANCE of it. And to Further the KNOWLEDGE, TRUTH and More about this plant. HISTORY. What HEMPPENS MATTERS.


Reasons for signing

  • President Trump, please free Lance Gloor!
  • It's medicine!! How can you throw someone in jail for having natural medicine?? Go after real criminals!
  • No one deserves to be in jail over a plant that can replace so many deadly pharmaceutical. Free him please

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