To: Complaint Procedure Unit and Human Rights Council Branch, Complaint Procedure Unit, United Nations Office at Geneva

Cultural Genocide: U.S. Goverment Forces Egyptian Nubians to be Classified as White and Not Black

An American citizen, who holds Negroid features and who is an indigenous Nubian, should have the RIGHT to be classified as "Black" instead of "White" in the United States of America, regardless of his or her geographical origin.

Why is this important?

Dr. Mostafa Hefny is an Egyptian Nubain and a naturalized US citizen. He is a black man who is politically and ideologically Afrocentric Pan-African; however, he is legally classified as white by the US government. For the past 28 years he has been fighting to have his racial classification changed from white to black. He is currently organizing hundreds of other Egyptian Nubian's in the US who are also classified as white so that they will file a class action lawsuit against the US government to have their racial classification changed from white to black. Egyptian Nubian's are classified as white by the US government according to Directive No. 15 of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

Dr. Hefny was a Bilingual Resource Teacher with Wayne County Regional Education Service Agency (Wayne County RESA) in Wayne, MI, USA for thirteen (13) years. When he stated on his employment records that he is black the Director of Human Resources sent him a letter which was copied to the Superintendent threatening him that his education career will be ruined if he did not change his racial classification on his employment records from black to white. A few days later one of the top administrators told him "If you ever say that you are black again no one will hire you and if hired you will be running from one job to the other for the rest of your life". Even though Wayne County RESA provides support and consultant services to all of Wayne County which is 30% black, the Superintendent was white, his four Associate Superintendents were white, and 95% of the administrators and consultants were white.

Wayne County RESA did not fire Dr. Hefny, instead they denied him promotion twice, persecuted him, harassed him, called him nigger, and psychologically tortured him to the point that he left on social security psychiatric disability which lasted ten (10) years (1989-1998.) Additionally, he was hospitalized in psychiatric hospitals twice(1992 & 2000.) All the doctors who treated Dr. Hefny stated in their medical reports that his psychiatric injury was work related. When Dr. Hefny recovered and returned to the work force Wayne County RESA followed up on their threats and he was fired five times in one year.

Dr. Hefny filed two EEOC discrimination charges against Wayne County RESA, but both of them were dismissed through ingenious manipulations without reviewing his evidence due to the high level connections of the leaders of Wayne County RESA. Dr. Hefny also filed five complaints with the US Attorney General against Wayne County RESA between 1989 to 1991, but no investigation was ever conducted due to the high level connection of the leaders of Wayne County RESA.

In 1997, Dr. Hefny hired an attorney to file a lawsuit against the U.S. Government to have his racial classification changed from White to Black. His attorney prepared the complaint and had Dr. Hefny review and approve it. However, six months later his attorney refused to file the case in court alleging he was receiving tremendous pressure not to file it in court and that he risks being disbarred if he filed it.

Dr. Hefny requested a refund for the retainer fee; however, his attorney refused to refund the retainer. Dr. Hefny no longer had the financial means to hire another lawyer, so he filed the complaint in court and represented himself and challenged the Federal Law directive No.15 that classifies Egyptian Nubian's as White. In 1998 this lawsuit was dismissed without prejudice and the court order stated "Plaintiff may file a new action once Standing is established."

Between 2003 and 2004, Dr. Hefny sent the U.S. Government's Attorney for this case seven letters proposing an out of court settlement in which Dr. Hefny would Receive NO MONEY, or anything else except his Black Classification. The U.S. Government Attorney did not respond to any of the seven letters.

Dr. Hefny sent President Obama a certified letter regarding the ordeal over Directive No. 15 classifying Egyptian Nubian's as White and not Black. This letter was received by the White House on July 12, 2012, but neither the President nor his staff responded to the letter. Additionally, Dr. Hefny sent a certified letter to First Lady Michelle Obama and a copy of the letter sent to President Obama requesting her to forward the letter to President . This letter was received by the White House on September 27, 2012, and no a response was received from neither the First Lady Michelle Obama or her staff.

Furthermore, Dr. Hefny sent his congressman Mr. John Conyers five letters asking him to introduce a bill in congress to include the Egyptian Nubian's in the definition of "Black Person" in Directive No.15 of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). Congressman Conyers nor his staff responded to Dr. Hefny's letters or the five phone calls made to the congressman's office.

As a show of support in 2012 and in 2013, Dr. Hefny had over One Hundred African American Pastors write Congressman Conyers asking him to hand deliver Dr. Hefny's letter to President Obama. Congressman Conyers refused to hand deliver the letter.

In 2014 Dr. Hefny had six African American civil rights leaders and pastors write congressman Conyers asking him to once more introduce a Bill in congress to include the Egyptian Nubian's in the definition of "Black Person" in directive No. 15 of the OMB; nonetheless, Congressman Conyers refused to do so once again.

It is clear that both the Executive and the Legislative Branches of the U.S. government want to destroy the Nubian identity and Nubian Culture, by forcing Egyptian Nubian's to assimilate as Whites.

Dr. Hefny desires the US government to reclassify all Egyptian Nubian's residing in the United States of America as a Blacks instead of White under Directive No. 15 of the OMB. He also wants his complaints against Wayne County RESA with the US Attorney General to be investigated by the book, as well as his two EEOC discrimination charges...