To: Bonnie Dumanis, District Attorney, Kamala D. Harris, California Attorney General, Eric Holden, Attorney General of The United States, President Donald Trump, and Governor Gavin Newsom

Justice For Antwoine Bealer


Ask District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis to release the Radio Log of officer Efrain Garcia from the incident concerning Antwoine Bealer on October 15, 2004. Please see website . I believe my son is sitting in prison now because I had the nerves to file a lawsuit against the City of San Diego, County of San Diego and State of California.

The eye witness to the crime stated the suspect was 200 pounds and 6 feet tall, Antwoine was 5”11” and weighted only 119 pounds that day because he had went through so much emotional trauma. He had lost a friend who had committed suicide, another friend to murder, an aunt, an uncle to murder and a boss who had attempted suicide. The main issue is not the weight or where he was stopped because the log will show that the officer was not telling the truth about the location.

The main issue is that the prosecutor refused to give up the Radio Log that would prove Antwoine was no where near the crime scene. The law clearly states that the prosecutor has to release all information.

We are not asking for anything more than what the law says we are entitled to. The request is simple - Give Antwoine the log and let the chips fall where they may.

Go to website to see Reward for first person able to obtain the legitimate Radio Log.

Why is this important?

Human government was established to keep the strong from enslaving the weak and the poor from being exploited by the rich. God says "Woe to you who decree unrighteous decrees, who write misfortune, which they have prescribed to rob the needy of justice," Isaiah 10:1-2. Goggle Corrupt Judges and Corrupt police and see for yourselves how the needy is being robbed of justice.