To: The Arizona State House, The Arizona State Senate, and Governor Doug Ducey

Legal System Fails Man Twice. Join the Fight for Justice.

Arizona - Provide restitution to Louis Taylor, a 59 year old Arizona man wrongly imprisoned for over 40 years. He was released only after he agreed not to sue them for wrongly imprisoning him which amounts to coercion/blackmail/extortion.That is sickening Injustice, not justice.

Why is this important?

Did you see the 60 Minutes episode. If you did sign this petition now. If you didn't, Louis Taylor, was railroaded for a crime he did not commit and now over 40 years later he was released only after 60 minutes exposed the injustice. The continuing injustice is that the district attorney threatened to drag him through court again all the way to the supreme court unless he pled no contest and promised not to sue for restitution. That is not justice but a Second injustice imposed on this man by a system that claims to uphold justice. This is sickening and cannot be allowed to stand.