To: Pet Food Corporations, CEO, AKC, President, FDA, Head of the Department, President Donald Trump, The Kentucky State House, The Kentucky State Senate, Governor Matt Bevin, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States ...

Justice for Bruiser

Stiffer penalties for anyone who injures or kills a Service Dog.

Why is this important?

I lost my Service Dog, Bruiser on December 6, 2013. Bruiser is one of the FDA's "statistics," or "numbers."

Bruiser was diagnosed with a severely damaged liver & renal failure October 2010, after having consumed Chicken Jerky Treats. The same treats that the FDA had known about sickening & killing dogs since 2007, yet did not post warnings about these products where unsuspecting pet owners could see them. Not everyone has a computer, they had warnings on their website, but not in stores, on store shelves where the products were/are sold, or on the packages. There are warnings on everything else, BUT not on pet treats.

The Petfood Corporations had also known about the illnesses and deaths, as early as 2007, yet did nothing to protect its consumers. Many still did/do not list where a product is made or sourced. Why should they, when the FDA only "encourages" companies to list it. There are no fines, or penalties, if where the product is made, or manufactured is omitted from the packaging/product.

The AKC (American Kennel Club) is listed as a non-profit organization, yet they continue to "endorse" products that are made in China. They don't make them, but they do reap the rewards, from putting their stamp of approval on these same treats. Which in my eyes makes them every bit, just as guilty as the petfood corporations.

Also, every one of these entities knew about these treats causing the exact same illnesses:

Liver Damage (often severe)
Renal Failure
Fanconi Syndrome
Vomiting (sometimes bloody)
Diarrhea (simetimes bloody)
Gastrointestinal Bleeding
Severe Thirst
Stomach Cancer

Yet they did NOTHING to warn us, or keep our dogs safe. This was not simply negligence, this was in my eyes intentional; because God forbid they lose any money.

Purposely poisoning, harming, injuring or killing an animal is known as Felony Animal Abuse. These entities should be held accountable for their actions, and charged, just like any other criminal, or offender would be. Regardless of how much money, or political pull they have.

There needs to be stiffer penalties for anyone, (regardless of whom they are) for harming or killing a Service Dog. Bruiser was far more than "just a dog," he was my working partner. He was on many days my life line. He kept me safe, just like a Police K9 keeps his, or her Officer safe.

I know what killed, my "Bruiser" Bellehound Scrawny Tawny Lion, JC & I refuse to just stand by & do nothing!

There is a special bond, between a Service Dog & their partner, it is like no other. Bruiser knew things, that I never trained him for. He could pick up on subtle cues & knew just what he needed to do to keep me safe. I owe it to Bruiser to seek the Justice that he so deserves. As well as other Service Dogs, and their handlers to keep them safe & partnered for as long as possible.

Bruiser always gave me 110%, it is my turn to repay him, for his 12 1/2 years of service, because that is what partners do for each other.

Please help me, to help others before their world is ripped out, from underneath them, for nothing more than greed.

I want a Bill to be named in his honor. I don't want anyone else to have to go through this. These entities need to be held accountabIe for their actions. I can't do that with out you, please help me.

Thank You, for not letting Bruiser die in vain.


Reasons for signing

  • Ive personally met brusier and he is a cuddle bug please concider all rhing in this that dog deserves to live and its illegeal to do as the humaine society did.
  • This makes me sick.I have 4 dogs and it would kill me if anything that I gave to them harmed them. This is very bad! !
  • Shame on FDA for not mandating Warning notices- needless deaths and painful illness were caused to harmless innocent animals and companions.