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To: Lorain City Mayor and Chief of Police


The citizens of the City of Lorain are calling for the immediate removal of duty of Officer Elliot Palmer for the shooting death of a family's pet dog named Dixie. The officer carelessly shot the dog after calling for the dog to come to him, the dog was coming wagging her tail only to be shot, then after the dog trying to get up he shot her an additional three times. The dog was not aggressive nor was she doing anything to warrant such a horrendous act of violence. This is not the type of policing our city needs nor wants. We demand answers and resolution and justice for Dixie and her family.

Why is this important?

It's important to the citizens of the city to have a police department who uphold the law and not above it. With great responsibility there must be oversight. Policing like this is dangerous, if am officer will be so cold to shoot an innocent animal like this we prefer him to not have a badge to kill humans next.



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