To: Eric Holder, Attorney General of the United States and United States Department of Justice

Justice For Harrisburg

We, the undersigned, as residents of the city of Harrisburg or the surrounding region, urge the United States Department of Justice to initiate a full investigation of all aspects surrounding the City of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania's debt crisis, including but not limited to potential fraud, waste and mismangement.

Why is this important?

Harrisburg is in fiscal collapse, Monies were borrowed for projects that had no hope of repaying the debt. Public officials and well paid professionals told the world that the bonds -- now almost $300 million on one project alone -- were self-liquidating, when they had to know that was impossible. To date, no one has been held to account. We demand accountability, fairness and justice. We ask the U.S. Justice Department to fully investigate these dealings, charge those who ignored the law and report to the world what really happened.