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To: Change law enforcement

Justice For Hunter Brittain

Hunter Brittain was shot and killed by a law enforcement officer who failed to activate his body-worn camera during an unnecessary and unconscionable encounter on June 23, 2021. Arkansas is one of many states that does not mandate law enforcement to wear body cameras.

For those departments that do require officers to wear body mounted cameras, there needs to be policy in place to ensure that an officer activates his body camera at the very start of the shift.

Hunter’s Law would not only mandate that law enforcement agencies in the state provide their officers with body mounted cameras, but would also require officers to activate and continue to keep their body mounted cameras activated from the very beginning of a shift to the end of a shift.

Why is this important?

Hunter’s family and community have been denied this transparency. Hunter was 17-years-old. Hunter was a son. He was a brother. A nephew. An uncle. And a friend. Hunter was young, innocent and full of life before his life was cut short by this unjustified use of deadly force that is not captured on body mounted camera footage. This is unacceptable and must change.



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2021-06-28 16:21:42 -0400

I talked to the Secretary of State in Arkansas and I am working on getting a law changing petition going. It can only be signed by registered voters though. I’ll keep everyone updated. Thank you so much

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