To: Jon David, Columbus County District Attorney, Roy Cooper, NC Attorney General, and Chris Gentry, Columbus County ADA

Justice For Jasmine

We demand justice for Jasmine Thar who was shot and killed. Three months after the shooting we still have no answers.  We urge you to sign this petition to demand a lawful, thorough, and unprejudiced investigation from the SBI and sound judicial decisions from Columbus County District Attorney Jon David and ADA Chris Gentry.

Why is this important?

Jasmine Thar, a 16 yr old African American was shot and killed December 23, 2011 while in her Godmother's yard in Chadbourn, NC preparing for a routine shopping trip to Myrtle Beach. Jasmine was doing what most teens do, texting, when the shot rang out. Two others were injured by the same bullet. A 23 yr old Caucasian male who was in the house across the street where the shot came from claims it was an accident. He was taken in for questioning but was not charged.The families of this tragedy lives will forever be changed.