At the very least, I would like Scottsdale Police answer the following questions:

1) Why no taser used? Was it too windy? Why no dog? And please Sgt. Mark Clark, no "holier than thou" how dare you even ask that question. Not a single officer said Mr. Loxas had a weapon when Ofc. Peters killed him. Why is Scottsdale PD throwing around the fact Ofc. Peters was a "veteran" like they did in the Sgt. Prostrollo shooting? Why should that matter?

2) Why did Scottsdale PD say at the first press conference at 11 am, some 12 hours after the shooting and after the search warrant had already been executed, that "no gun was recovered", but only a couple of hours later claim Mr. Loxas had a gun within "lunge distance" and his home was loaded like an armory?

3) Why is Scottsdale PD smearing Mr. Loxas with cheap shots like about how dirty his house was, that CPS had been called, that he has mental problems, and why are they telling the world that on the 911 call a neighbor advised Mr. Loxas might need to be shot? What does that have to do with anything other than slurs to defend Scottsdale PD's action by the lowest means available?

4) This one really stinks: why did they say at the first press conference only one officer out of 6 saw something in Mr. Loxas' hands, but now that number is 2, including Ofc. Peters standing 18 feet away while looking through a scope centered on Mr. Loxas' head? And what did they claim they saw? Does anyone actually think any officer really believes he saw something in Mr. Loxas' hands? That is rotten.

5) Finally, did Scottsdale PD command bring in Ofc. Peters to take a kill shot? Was that why he was on the scene? A reporter essentially asked Sgt. Mark Clark that question yesterday at the afternoon press conference, and Sgt. Clark refused to answer the question in front of cameras. If Mr. Loxas was an imminent threat, why did only Ofc. Peters, one among 6 officers, shoot and kill? Wouldn't all the officers have seen the same exact thing and reacted the same?

Why is this important?

Ofc. Jim Peters shot JOHN LOXAS while he was holding his grandchild just after he called his daughter to tell her to come because of the police commotion. Mr. Loxas had no weapon, was turning away from officers to walk back into the home, and probably was setting his grandson down as the reports say he was lowering the child from around his head to the lower right side of his body. In other words, when Ofc. Peters shot and killed Mr. Loxas, Mr. Loxas was not an imminent physical threat to anyone, not police, not his grandson, not anyone.