To: Akima LLC

Justice for Juli. Fired for flipping off Trump!

Juli Briskman was fired for free speech when she flipped off Trump's motorcade while on her bicycle in Sterling, Virginia.

She deserves her job back or compensation for her hostile, unwarranted termination.

Why is this important?

Juli Briskman was out for a bike ride when she came across Trump's motorcade on one of its many trips to his private golf club.

She was on a public road, not during work hours, and was photographed by a stranger flipping off Trump's motorcade.

The photo went viral, and her employer, government contractor Akima LLC, decided to fire her.

She's especially upset because a conservative colleague was reprimanded for calling someone "a f***ing Libtard as*hole" on Facebook.

He kept his job, but she was fired.

If Donald Trump and his supporters can't tolerate free speech maybe they need to read the Constitution again.

Please demand justice for Juli!


Reasons for signing

  • Shame on you!
  • Hire her back
  • Yes, it was a rude, uncouth gesture, but she was NOT representing her employer at the time. She was on her own time, not wearing a company logo, and motorcades can be dangerous for bicyclists.