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To: Jon David, District Attorney, The U.S. Department of Justice, Quintin McGee, ADA, and Cortney Sanford, ADA

Justice for Lennon Lacy

Promote social justice by increasing awareness of inequality and racism in North Carolina. Lennon Lacy was a victim of racism and deserves to have justice.

Why is this important?

Lennon Lacy was an African American 17-year old West Bladen high school student from Bladenboro, North Carolina. On August 29, 2014, Lacy was found hanging by belts that were tied together from a swing set in a primarily white mobile home park near his home. There is no reasonable evidence that proves that Lacy committed suicide. Lacy played football for his high school and had his uniform laid out on his bed the night before his body was found. Lennon Lacy was in a relationship with Michelle Brimhall, a 31 year old Caucasian women. Brimhall reported that the town disagreed with their interracial relationship. The population in this town is 80% white and 18% black. His death was declared as asphyxia secondary to hanging. Lacy's mother, Claudia Lacy does not believe that her son committed suicide, but was murdered.
Some questions that have been left unanswered are: (1) what happened to the new Jordan’s the teen had recently bought? (2) the shoes found on Lacy’s feet were a size 10.5 but Lacy wore a size 12, who did the size 10.5 shoes belong to and why were the laces missing? (3) what did Lacy use to reach the swing set, which was 6 ft tall? (5) the belts that Lacy were found hanging from did not belong to him so who did they belong to? (6) did the person who dug up and removed the flowers from Lacy’s grave have anything to do with his death? (7) why didn’t law enforcement and the FBI do a thorough investigation and why did they rule out foul play so quickly? After two years, despite all of these unanswered questions, law enforcement still claims that it was suicide.
We demand justice for Lennon Lacy! If justice is never served and this case is left closed, we are being taught that racism and murder is allowable. I created this petition to District Attorney Jon David, Quintin McGee, ADA, Cortney Sanford , ADA, and the US Department of Justice. I urge you to sign this petition to demand that this case be reopened so that a thorough and unprejudiced investigation from law enforcement and FBI.


Reasons for signing

  • Justice for his life that was stolen
  • For Justice
  • For justice!


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