To: Second Judicial District Court, County of Bernalillo

Justice for Mary Han

High ranking personnel of the Albuquerque Police Department who were on opposite sides of the courtroom from Mary Han for years entered her home uninvited on November 18, 2010. They trespassed on her property, viewed her body and declared the scene a suicide within minutes. APD violated every single standard operating procedure and law enforcement and code of conduct.

Why is this important?

The citizens of Bernalillo County have lived in fear of APD for too long and APD must answer for their actions at Ms. Han's death scene. Signing this petition will help convene a Grand Jury investigation into the wrong doings of APD.


Reasons for signing

  • Because in all respects it doesn't appear that policies and procedures we're entirely followed by any of the agencies that were present at the Initial crime scene during.
  • This case is one of the biggest disgraces in APD’s long history. Uncovering the culprits would begin to clear out the rampant corruption in this agency.
  • Mary Han was My Attorney in 1993 for a False Arrest case which she won! She told me that the POLICE hated her because she BEAT them in court. No way in Hades did she commit Suicide! I warned her about corrupt police might KILL her, but she just laughed and adamantly said "THEY WOULDN'T DARE". I'm telling you that they did MURDER Mary! J Byers