To: Dave Frohnmayer and Lane County Government

Justice For Nadia Sindi

Investigate abuse of power and criminal forgery by former Oregon A.G. David Frohnmayer and Lane County Government.

Why is this important?

I’m an Arab American Muslim woman who’s been targeted by all kinds of hatecrimes since 1985!

I’ve lost my fully paid Condo to the most corrupted previous A.G Dave Frohnmayer! After the Condominium Associated of River Island Estates put a lien on it.. I hired Bob Ackerman to take care of the Lien that was imposed on me by the River Island Estates. Ackerman, sent a letter to my nephew vilifying me, then forged my sister’s signature, hired Scarlett Lee from Barnhart Associates to sell our fully paid condo, that was marketed it- ‘$150,000.00 in 1998′ Now it worth ‘$350,000.000′ it’s on the Willamette River. Bob Ackerman only paid us back $42,000.00. It was Dave Frohnmayer who’d committed a fraud by forging my sister’s signature, getting my Condo with the cheapest price. It was sold $62,000.00. Then, they listed with the realtor’s, as it was sold $10,000.00 more $72,000.00 than actually was sold. It was listed on the web as a public record by $85,000.00

HUD, ACLU, SPLC, OSB, NAACP, BOLI, the previous A.G. Hardy Myers, with the two senators Wyden, Smith, and Congressman DeFazio And the unscrupulous officials of Lane County are complicit with Frohnmayer! Frohnmayer is partner with Harrang law firm which is part of the County A.D. and the City attorney too! Doug Harcleroad A.D. trapped me in a criminal record for more than 10 years. Frohnmayer got me fired form my teaching job at the UO, blocked me from getting hired any where. in 2005 I was hired to teach at OSU. After only two weeks I was fired because one of the UO staff know about me working at Women Studies! we have lost the most honorable decent John Kroger A.G. because of Frohnmayer!! We also need to hold Lane County government who are complicit with Dave Frohnmayer the previous A.G. Dave Frohnmayer has committed a crime of fraud, & exploitation, with the help the bank robber with a briefcase Bob Ackerman. Ackerman hired Scarlett Lee from Barnhart Associates to sell our fully paid Condominium that was put on lean. They forged my sister’s signature, after Ackerman sent a letter to my nephew vilifying me! The Condo was marketed $150,000.00 in 1997, now it worth $350,00.00. They gave us only $42,00.00 after they shared the profit. The condo was sold with only $62,000.00, Then they posted it with the realtors as it was sold $72,000.00 $10,000.00 more than actually was sold. In addition, it was listed on the web $85.000.00

Stop this violent abuse against us Muslim Arab Women!!! PS: Dave Frohnmayer had fired me from my teaching job at the UO, then, blocked me to be hired any place! I was hired by OSU, when I ran into one of the UO employees. I got fired the second day. My boss called me to tell me not to come any more!

Have you seen a movie that was made in the 1995 called ‘Without Evidence’ with Angelina Jolie!! This is during the criminal former A.G.. Dave Frohnmayer who’s demonizing the honorable former A.G. John Kroger now!!

Noone can sue this criminal cabal! Frohnmayer has secured both the D.A. and the City Attorney by providing Harrag Long to be in charge of these two offices. Plus, Harrang Long is also represting the University of Oregon!

The judiciary in Oregon is very much on his side (see Rounds v. University of Oregon, about 20 years ago.)