To: President Donald Trump, The Alabama State House, The Alabama State Senate, Governor Kay Ivey, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Justice for O'Patrick F. Humphrey

Adopt a Standard Operation Procedures for Alabama police departments. Requirements that officers are trained on how to approach and alternatives to deadly force in specific incidents where they mentally challenged is involved. Officers that have been fired from one Alabama police department for misconduct can not be hired in another county.

Why is this important?

My brother was killed by Headland,Al police officers on Jan.31 2012 after his mom placed a call to 911 to take him to the hospital as he was unarmed Schizophrenic(which was made known to 911) and had been taken off his meds by his doctor.EMTs arrived and needed assistance to so they called for back up and 4 police officers arrived and none of them chose to make the decision to use less extreme measures to try and coerce him to seek treatment,yet 1 officer chose to fire is weapon twice one grazing his chest and the other fatally in the abdomen. This should have not happen...other measures could have been taken to subdo and get him to the hospital for the help he needed. His mother called for HELP not Harm. Please sign our petition so that we can bring awareness to the public that our mentally ill is not exempt from extreme deadly force by police even when they are at their weakest which they should be.We would like to see these officers tried and prosecuted for their actions.One officer has gone so far to post on his facebook page pics of himself consuming alcohol and partying with status that state how he going be doing this(partying and drinking) for quite some time. These officers have no remorse for killing a mentally ill human being.IHelp us get this petition passed and these officer brought to justice.