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To: President Donald Trump

Justice For Ruby Jones

A Movement/Public Demonstration originated with God through Debbie Jones Ministries. It was through His love–design that Debbie, her fiancé and a few others were united in this web of Witchcraft for the sake of the Gospel. Debbie did not know of the intricate workings of the Holy Spirit, nor was she initially, keenly aware of the reality or prevalence of Witchcraft (in America’s Church….Nation) as it pertained to her or other’s frequent misfortunes. These situations and circumstances, publicly displayed, are God’s way of enlightening our nation….world to these scandalous practices.

During this Public Demonstration Debbie Jones was unjustifiably evicted by the City of Decatur after residing with her mom for 12 years, and upon the upkeep and renovation of their home before and after her mom’s passing. She was the legal successor to her mom’s estate of which her mother Ruby Jones was lawfully an inheritor. Yet, in light of this, she was still unlawfully put out of her home for no other reason, ultimately, but for the workings of Black Magic. Others involved, privy to this Public Demonstration of Witchcraft, particularly, her fiancé, lost loved ones (Debbie’s mother died and her fiancé’s mother died also) and experienced homelessness too.

These occurrences resulted from Black Magic, which has the impending result of enslaving its target and its user. Considering the wisdom gained since first writing this petition, that is that of Witchcraft working ultimately to render the Original Jews, Black Americans, back to a state slavery as declared by the Holy Spirit, I have undertaken to revise this petition. While those involved in the demise of love ones mentioned hold responsibility for their deaths because of the black magic they practiced, understanding that these were ignorant of their enslavement and were in other words persuaded by these evil entities to carry out their bidding, I have chosen to withdraw their names.

I wish to express that the Holy Ghost declared unauthorized fire to be prevalent in our society. Although this is true, I am are not here to condemn those who burn or have burned out of ignorance. I am here only to bring wisdom and halt these demoralizing practices.

Why is this important?

Join me in petitioning for the establishment of laws that would deny institutions/people freedom to use Black Magic in order to bring injury & harm. Witchcraft is an irrational and counterproductive way of handling any situation; it undermines its victim and its user. We, as civil citizens, can no longer sit back and allow this barbaric practice any further independence.


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  • It is so bad and no one should have to deal with this because Akot of people dont know but negative things come from This. No matter if it says good or bad. They are tricking people especailly with these websites. Entities can come on you from this. Spells of is NO GOOD
  • It is prevalent and it needs to be stopped.

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