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Justice for Ryleah, Kaine & Aislinn Murphy: CPS investigation & reform

Abuse of power by Children's Protective Services must stop. Children & families across the nation are being ripped apart by the actions of CPS as well as family court.

Why is this important?

Children's Protective Services (CPS) in the State of Ohio, as well as across the nation are abusing their power and violating parents and their children's Constitutional Rights by unlawfully removing children (kidnapping) from their parents and doing it for very trivial reasons, not within the scope of CPS guidelines set forth by the Federal Government. My family has personally been affected when our three youngest children were taken by Morgan County Children's Services on June 16, 2015. They did this citing the living conditions of our home calling it an emergency removal, however, no emergency/exigent circumstances existed. On the day of the removal, CPS had already visited our home unannounced at 10:30 am. They left and said they would return in three days. They returned that same evening at 7:30 pm with no warrant and no court order to justify the removal. Following the removal, no complaint was filed with the court until three days later. We were not notified of the Emergency Shelter Care Hearing that took place seven days later. Therefore, the court proceeded without us and no rehearing was held. We were not allowed to have contact with our children for 44 days. No update or status report was given by the social workers with regard to our children. Every step of the way the court process has been prejudiced with the judge showing favor to the state and having no regard for the numerous violations of law, Civil Rights as well as Ohio Revised Code and Ohio Administrative Code which governs and sets forth the conduct of state officials and employees. Our children have been detained for ninety-three days at this point. We demand as parents an investigation regarding the conduct of CPS as well as the Judiciary and Prosecuting Attorney be initiated this matter. We acknowledge that we are not alone and situations like this occur every day across the nation. All investigation performed by CPS (in every state) should have a thorough review process to insure the correct decisions are made before children are needlessly ripped from their homes thereby traumatizing not only the children but the family as a whole.