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To: United States Representative Victoria Spartz / Tony Cook State Representative House District 32.



On May 1st 2021, Lendon Byram and his girlfriend Kalen Hart were killed in a motor vehicle accident on their way to prom. Another couple in the car were injured as well. Lendon was found to have come to a complete stop prior to pulling into the intersection. The vehicle that hit Lendon and Kalen was traveling 25 mph above the speed limit posted for that road. The driver was only sited a speeding ticket due to the lack of a law that states that the driver of any vehicle traveling at an unlawful speed shall forfeit any right of way which he / she might have otherwise. This is a law in several states including Virginia which is Code 46.2-823 - Unlawful Speed Forfeits Right Of Way. Indiana’s law must be changed to acknowledge lives injured and lost due to reckless driving related to unlawful rates of speed. Please help support this cause so that there will be #justiceforlendonandkalen.

Why is this important?

May 1st used to be just another day in the years and life of our family. May 1st is now cemented forever as a death date for our daughter, granddaughter, niece, son, grandson, nephew, cousin and friend. The events of May 1st have forever changed the course of our family’s lives, hearts, souls and existence as whole individuals. Losing such bright, creative, clever and intelligent people with so much promise and so many gifts to offer this world, at such a young age, instills daily hurt in our hearts and aches in our stomachs. Flashes of Lendon and Kalen’s face and scenes of that last day come and go in and out of our minds uncontrolled and without our permission. Witnessing the despair and emptiness within Lendon and Kalen’s parents is a constant gut wrenching reminder that many lives, as we knew them are gone. Instead of looking forward to limitless possibilities of the coming years, we now are subjected to endless anxiety, heartbreak, and grief. Help us with our campaign to receive #justiceforlendonandkalen!!

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