To: Governor Jay Inslee

Keep Ferry Food Local!

Don't let the Washington State Ferries replace local companies with a multi-national corporation. Protect Washington small businesses and local jobs!

Why is this important?

Washington State Ferries is about to shut down at least 3 local women- and minority-owned businesses and replace them with an out-of-state, multi-national corporation. More than 100 jobs could be in danger. This process needs to be STOPPED. Revenues and jobs need to STAY IN WASHINGTON!


Reasons for signing

  • Please keep ferry food local
  • hSCytl
  • I frequently ride the ferry and am proud to support small business in my area. By buying from the ferry food people, I am supporting my neighbors, not some box store. I also have a special place in my heart for the Ferry Food People, as I frequent their sister business, Everybody's American Cookhouse in Port Orchard. The significant impact the loss of the ferry contract would have will inevitably affect one of my favorite restaurants in my home town. I ask that you keep our money in our state...

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