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To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Keep Fox News off of Military Televisions

Recently, a United States Marine was facing less than honorable discharge for writing disrespectful things on his FaceBook page about President Obama. Yet in a lot of military hospitals, food courts, doctor's offices and other offices, in VA hospital waiting rooms, etc., Fox News plays non-stop on the televisions in those spaces. THIS IS WRONG. If one soldier is going to be less than honorably discharged for writing negative things about the President, then the source of these lies and hate should not be pervasive on our bases and in our VA hospitals. The Federal Government should make it a policy to NOT ALLOW Fox "News" to be shown on their televisions and either a news channel respectful to the President and our government or a general entertainment station should be played. It is common knowledge that Fox News is an ultra right wing conservative channel that has done nothing since the campaign of 2008 to denegrate and destroy President Obama and his administration.

Why is this important?

On some military bases and in VA hospitals, Fox News plays on the public televisions all day feeding hate and lies to our troops and their civilian spouses and children. Fox News lies about our President, disprespects him, and should not be the accepted channel for television in our VA hospitals and on our military bases.



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