To: Walt Disney World Downtown Disney


Please sign this petition to keep Fuego by Sosa's Cigars from closing in Downtown Disney. Downtown Disney will soon be the new Disney Springs. Because of this change, Disney will not be renewing Fuego by Sosa's Cigars lease. Please show your support to Fuego by signing this petition, and keep their doors from closing!

Why is this important?

Downtown Disney is changing and they will be closing Fuego by Sosa's Cigars at the end of September. Here the older generation as well as the younger, (but over 21) generation get to experience the nostalgia of days gone by, where people from all over the world come to unwind and enjoy a drink and a Cigar in a friendly, welcoming, fun atmosphere!

The Sosa family has been in the cigar-making business for more than 70 years! Fuego by Sosa's Cigars most definitely fits into Disney's new format perfectly, so to not have them be part of all of the new changes would be a huge mistake! Please show your support, Don't let Disney close their doors by not renewing Fuego's lease! Please sign this petition and let Disney know that you want Fuego to remain open and be part of the new "Disney Springs" right where they belong!