To: University of Arizona, President Ann Weaver Hart et al

Keep Koch money out of the University of Arizona

The University of Arizona (UofA) must be held to the highest standards. Compromising UofA's integrity—by accepting any money from the Koch brothers and/or their affiliated organizations—would make the UofA a hostage to these billionaires. Accepting dark money obligates universities to sanction the Dark Ages of the Koch brothers' agenda.

Why is this important?

Koch Industries seeks to corrupt universities and the standards of education with their toxic strings attached. The University of Arizona has represented higher education beginning in 1885, and people in Arizona, & worldwide, demand the UofA uphold integrity and reject the Koch Brothers and all dark fundings.
Here is a list of Universities and Schools where Koch money has infiltrated already; please note UofA is mentioned:
Tucson's local magazine voices concerns over radical Think Tank infiltration and deep-lobbying strategies at UofA:

For those unaware of Charles and David Kochs' agenda, they seek to abolish the Environmental Protection Agency, further Lower minimum wages, discourage solar energy, shred women's rights ...while funneling millions to right wing candidates who will comply with them.

Therefore, the University of Arizona needs to hear we are firm in our resolve to oppose dark money infiltration into education.