To: Christopher Cronen, Deputy Field Officer Director - Boston Field Office, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Boston Field Office,, Richard Blumenthal, US Senator, Chris Murphy, US Senator, and Rosa DeLau...

Keep Nelson Pinos Home!

The community of the city of New Haven, the state of Connecticut, and others around the country are requesting the following:

-That Immigration and Customs Enforcement exercise their discretion and allow Mr. Pinos remain at home with his family, friends, and community.
-That the elected officials mentioned above provide their unconditional support for Mr. Pinos

Why is this important?

Nelson Pinos has been living in a church on the New Haven green since November 30th. He sleeps on a mattress and box spring on the floor in an administrative office on the 2nd level. Family and friends visit when they can. Nelson is very grateful to the church community for welcoming him, but also acknowledges that being separated from his family is like being in jail.

Nelson’s family visits whenever they can. Brandon, Nelson's 5-year-old son, keeps asking why his dad can't leave the church. Brandon has been actively working on perfecting the letter "G" while visiting his dad after school - trying to keep up with the kindergarten homework as best he can. He doesn’t understand why the family can’t wake up together on Christmas morning.

Kelly, at 15, is thinking she'll have to get a job to help support the family. Nelson is the sole provider for this family of 5, having worked at the same company for 15 years. Kelly's currently a sophomore in high school, so it will be hard to work and maintain her grades. Supporters have set up a fundraising account to help the family through this difficult time (

Please sign this petition, and join us as we denounce the injustices of this administration against Nelson’s family and all immigrant families!

Please help us get Nelson home.

Please tell ICE that we value families. Keep Nelson Home!


Reasons for signing

  • This is the kind of citizen we need, Do not deport him.
  • Nelson is the kind of neighbor and friend that one wants in one’s community. His contributions make our state of Connecticut and our country better. Not only will Nelson’s family be forever broken if he is forced out of our country, his country , but OUR country will suffer another irreparable blow to its conscience and its heart. Nelson is not a pawn and should not have to suffer because of misguided, reckless and capricious politics. Please reconsider Nelson’s petition for a stay of removal...
  • Deporting Nelson Pinos, a hard working and loving father of American children, hurts our whole community in addition to the obvious trauma to the family. Please keep this family together.