To: Ernie Hogan, Acting Chairman, Historic Review Commission of Pittsburgh

Keep our River of Words!

Tell the Historic Review Commission that River of Words is an asset to our community and should be allowed to remain on our homes without further hearings until they adopt agreed-upon guidelines and procedures.

Why is this important?

Our 2009 Community Master Plan recommends public art as a tool for neighborhood improvement. "River of Words" has been embraced by our community and has brought us favorable international press. In addition to being public art, River of Words is speech protected by the First Amendment. Those of us in the Mexican War Streets Historic District wish to keep our words permanently affixed to our homes. The HRC should allow our Words to remain without further hearings until they publish agreed-upon guidelines and procedures on public art.


Reasons for signing

  • The current regulations are vague on many points- but certainly are especially unclear on art projects like River of Words. The Commission should put its focus on drafting sensible regulations, instead of fussing over a project that adds sucks charm to our neighborhood.
  • This is art. It does not interfere with history. It creates it.
  • This helps make our neighborhood a cohesive mission-based community - not just any historic neighborhood.