To: The Minnesota State Senate and Governor Tim Walz

Keep Silencers Off the Streets and Don't Weaken Our Gun Law

We oppose legalizing silencers and weakening MInnesota gun laws. We urge you to listen to the objections of the Minnesota Chiefs of Police association and don't legalize silencers in Minnesota. Also, don't weaken our concealed carry law by validating pistol carry permits from any other state with a "similar" law.

Why is this important?

As early as noon on Thursday, the Minnesota Senate could vote to legalize silencers and weaken our pistol permit law. Minneapolis has "shot spotter" technology to locate the source of gunshots. Gun lobbyists are claiming, with no evidence, that shot spotters won't be impacted by the use of silencers. At the same time, they want to weaken our pistol permit law to honor permits from any state with a "similar" rather than "substantially similar" law, a vague and lower standard.


Reasons for signing

  • 4525 Palm Ave
  • Do not make it easier for crazy people to kill!
  • Make military grade semi autos, fail safe to convert to fully auto. Or make them illegal