To: Dr. Andrew Hendricks, Founder & Chairman of the New Netherland Museum Half Moon Replica

Keep the Half Moon Ship on the Hudson River

The Half Moon Ship replica is an important part of the culture and historical fabric of the Capital Region. That is why we want to ask Dr. Andrew Hendricks to reconsider keeping the Half Moon replica ship in its rightful summer home on the Hudson River.

Why is this important?

Due to financial hardships, the Board of Directors of the New Netherlands Museum has decided to move the Half Moon replica ship to the Dutch city of Hoorn in 2015. Many in New York want to find a way to keep this vital piece of New York's early history on the Hudson River and in the Capital Region.


Reasons for signing

  • Third grade teacher, wishing this was available to local students.
  • Clearly your org needs financial assistance. Can this effort be leveraged to find you funding? Wishing the best.
  • Susan D Szewczyk

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